30+ People Who Are The Prime Examples Of The Word “Stupid”

Published on 05/23/2023
30+ People Who Are The Prime Examples Of The Word "Stupid"

30+ People Who Are The Prime Examples Of The Word “Stupid”

Even though some folks aren’t the sharpest tools in the drawer, we can overlook them because of their good intentions. Other people are so stupid that we worry about their safety, or they are so stupid that they endanger other people. When their actions make the world a worse place to live, we have a tougher time forgiving these idiots. We don’t like to be cruel, but with the abundance of false information and conspiracy theories in our culture, sometimes laughing is the only option. Some of the worst offenders are listed here.

A Fine Example Of Logic

A Fine Example Of Logic

Is he all right? The statement that Rock Hudson had “no luck with the ladies” is untrue because he was once married to a woman. What assurance is there that he would have had any greater success with men? Since homosexuality was illegal for a significant portion of his life, why would he take such a tremendous risk, especially as a public figure, when he could have likely had any woman he desired? And let’s not even begin to discuss the logic of lesbianism. Has he never before seen a straight woman walk in flat shoes? No matter what kind of arches someone has, heels hurt.

First of all, her argument is illogical. Is the media attempting to control people, or are they controlling the media? Why on earth would whoever is behind this want to reveal themselves in such a way, even if we were to give her the benefit of the doubt? Obviously, they want to maintain control. Using silly anagrams to reveal their intentions sounds like a horrible strategy for maintaining control.

What's Your Point?

What’s Your Point?

At least those that responded appear to understand it. Sorry, Lavern, your excellent investigative work isn’t stopping anyone’s evil scheme, but by all means, keep trying.

That’s a good concept, now. What kind of society is it that a cancer patient needs to utilize his Make-A-Wish grant to take care of something that the adults in his immediate environment ought to be taking care of? Although the young man deserves praise for what he accomplished, how often have we heard that the homelessness issue cannot be solved? Clearly, with a little effort, feeding the homeless is not that difficult.

Get Your Priorities Straight

Get Your Priorities Straight

Children have a lot to teach us. Although it’s probably a pipe dream, it would be fantastic if they granted this young person a second wish that he could take pleasure in on his own.

Oh good, a two for one! Sure, maybe she shouldn’t have looked through it without his consent, but who is really to blame here? This genius opted to cheat on his wife and retain evidence of his affairs on his phone. Although we don’t blame her for being angry, we’d also like to know what caused her to react so poorly that they were unable to fly the jet to its destination.

One Unhappy Passenger

One Unhappy Passenger

The lesson of the tale is to never betray your companion. The fact that an emergency landing was necessary for such a pointless, avoidable reason couldn’t have made the other passengers happy.

I appreciate the original poster’s culinary insights. We must enquire: if you like hard-shell tacos, why do you need to purchase tortillas in the first place? Why include this utterly pointless extra step? Simply get the hard shells from the store, and you’re done. Even if it were to work, it doesn’t seem to. Soft tortillas like these are created with flour, but hard taco shells are made with fried corn.

Chef Boyardon't

Chef Boyardon’t

Despite this, @its_zaac’s reaction was amusing. Even if they may not be identical, it is still a valid point. Nobody is pondering how to make their tortillas more crunchy while sitting around with them.

Maybe the best way to describe what’s going on here isn’t stupid. Selfish? Inhumane? They appear to be a little more accurate. In general, we enjoy celebrating other people’s accomplishments, but this is just so rude. that is inappropriate for anyone to view another person’s death in this manner, but we suppose that has been the norm in recent years. Maybe, just maybe, as a society we need to reassess our priorities.

Word to the Unwise

Word to the Unwise

Even here, we can’t entirely place the fault on the CEO of Rolls-Royce. This shouldn’t have been published by “People,” at least not in a manner that seems so joyous.

Some people simply shouldn’t have children. Sorry, we lost our cool there for a second, but this is just so absurd it’s almost unbelievable.Imagine screwing up so badly that Child Protective Services feels it’s in their best interest to remove your children from your home, and the first thing you do is make a YOUTUBE VIDEO OF YOURSELF EATING A HUGE TRAY OF SEAFOOD. We suppose anything for clicks.

Don't Have Kids

Don’t Have Kids

We’d want to propose that family vlogging be outlawed completely. The parents continue to prioritize celebrity over their children’s true wellness, even when the titles are clickbait.

Could we please simply agree that Nazis are evil? Why has that opinion gained so much traction? Nobody wants to reflect on the unpleasant past, but if we don’t learn from the past, we’ll only end up repeating it. The comment made by this senator smacks of misdirection and strongly evokes the “All Lives Matter” movement. Of course, every life matters, but in this instance, we’re specifically referring to the lives of a particular set of victims of persecution.

He Said What?!

He Said What?!

All possible viewpoints on this issue are not equally valid. You are not free to pick and choose what you want to believe in this situation. When teaching about this topic, even Germany is truthful.

Dude, you killed the vibe. Who cares if someone uses emojis as long as it doesn’t affect their ability to do their job? The distinction between what is deemed professional and what isn’t is so arbitrary. Corporate culture strips everything of its fun, but then assumes that providing snacks in the offices will be enough to draw people in. Adam, maintain a smile.

Lighten Up, Sir.

Lighten Up, Sir.

We advocate for the acceptance of “smiley faces” in the workplace. Bring your dog, work in your pajamas, anything you like, as long as you finish the project. The corporate culture must change.

We enjoy a good Spongebob meme, and this particular one is accurate. Are we all simply going to keep pulling a Patrick and ignoring what’s right in front of us, or has anyone ever paused to consider why there is such a labor shortage in the US? People aren’t just laughing it up at home while you, Karen, whine about not getting their mayonnaise quickly enough.

Where's the Lie?

Where’s the Lie?

Employers frequently ask for too much in exchange for the services they provide. Nobody wants to be required to be available at all times to a firm for a ridiculous wage of $7.25 an hour.

The majority of us attended D.A.R.E. assemblies in school as children, but in hindsight, were they actually beneficial? We were continually told about the risks associated with drugs, and while some narcotics should unquestionably be avoided, even alcohol poses a greater risk to health and public safety than marijuana. Why did it take so much work to try to frighten us?

He Speaketh the Truth

He Speaketh the Truth

The government seemed to make a 180-degree turn as soon as it became apparent that it could be a source of money, and now marijuana stores are springing up everywhere.

Obviously a millennial, but we have no way of knowing for sure. Even if it was irresponsible of him to reject his calls, it’s doubtful that anyone above the age of 40 would have done so in this circumstance. We’re a byproduct of years spent hiding behind screens, so put it down to our fear about interacting with strangers. Most likely, he was scared it was a sales call.

Leave a Voicemail

Leave a Voicemail

What transpired to him after 24 hours intrigues us. Did he ultimately decide to pick up the phone, or were the rescuers just lucky enough to locate him?

Okay, lady, too dramatic? Yes, masks are bothersome, but we can’t help but wonder if our annoyance with them is a symptom of something more serious. Not something you can just claim from having been moderately inconvenienced by a paper mask for a few months, PTSD is a legitimate medical condition. She undoubtedly calls those who do the right thing and protect themselves from illness “snowflakes.”

You Need to Calm Down

You Need to Calm Down

What will she do if Arizona suddenly decides to enforce a mask requirement? To avoid donning a mask, change states every few weeks? Who even possesses the means to do this?

We just facepalmed so forcefully that our foreheads were marked. People often wonder where these items come from. Please remember that Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs was merely a novel! Animal goods don’t just appear out of nowhere! If you want to eat eggs, by all means, go ahead; nevertheless, it is ridiculous to claim they did not come from a living animal. Whether you see it happen or not, they emerge from hens.

Wait Til They Find Out Where Milk Comes From...

Wait Til They Find Out Where Milk Comes From…

And to make matters worse, this person is unaware of what they are really losing out on. Fresh eggs from well-cared-for birds are far superior to those from supermarkets.

Despite the fact that we are atheists, something tells us that it is unlikely that this particular phrase appears anywhere in the bible. First off, doesn’t Jesus always seem to have long hair in art? So his hair can be long, but any other man’s must be cut short? And what does it say that a woman should submit to her husband? Surely, God has more pressing issues to consider than this?

Where Does It Say That

Where Does It Say That

We simply cannot help but believe that God does not care if males have long hair or women have short hair. What matters most in the end is whether or not a person is a good person, right? The hair regulations appear to have been intended as guidelines.

I’m sorry, but just to support your own weird agenda, you are not allowed to pick and choose what comes from science and what comes from God. Whatever religious leader you choose to follow, at least maintain consistency. What does it say about the all-powerful entity that actually created human immune systems that we were able to develop a virus that can circumvent them?

So, Which Is It?

So, Which Is It?

This guy probably doesn’t even comprehend how the immune system functions. Here’s a hint: science plays a big part. In all honesty, these highly educated Facebook experts are impossible to argue with.

A tip: If you’re going to seek for assistance in locating contested information, perhaps avoid mentioning that you’re “not smart enough to retain what you’ve read.” If you can’t even remember enough to support your beliefs, you’re probably not smart enough to determine what constitutes a reliable source. We recognize that science can be difficult to comprehend, but that is precisely the reason we should seek the advice of experts who do.

At Least She's HonestAt Least She's Honest

At Least She’s Honest

The boldness of this woman is another. Even though she has no idea why she holds the opinions she does, she yet appears to feel that she is more intelligent than her spouse.

What is it about these individuals? Why would the owners of a “huge underground human harvesting factory,” even if there were some strange conspiracy, wish to out themselves? A science fiction movie like Jupiter Ascending is most definitely not a reliable source of knowledge. Why, even if such a location existed, would it want to contaminate our oranges with blood? At the very least, make like Sweeney Todd and order meat pies.

Orange-You-Glad There's No Blood in This Fruit?

Orange-You-Glad There’s No Blood in This Fruit?

It’s not necessarily suspicious for something to be unfamiliar to you. A delicious and excellent source of vitamin C is the blood orange. But avoid them at all costs. For us, more.

This guy must lead a very unhappy life if he has such contempt for infants and puppies. Although we genuinely feel a little sorry for him, this is unquestionably a case of severely weak masculinity. Come on dude, are you really that afraid of something so little and cute that you’d prefer they stay away from you until they’re ready to “serve and obey?”

You're Missing Out, Man.

You’re Missing Out, Man.

In actuality, this person has everything backwards. All day long playing with puppies doesn’t make someone who is truly confident in themselves feel “not man enough.”

What does the person who posted this even imply? We’ll say it again: just because you don’t understand how something was made, that doesn’t mean you’re being “lied to.” How could horses even wield hammers with their hooves? It is obvious that they did not create this structure. Since we are not talking about thousands of years ago, it is perfectly possible that this cathedral was constructed in 1248. They had the technological capacity to construct such entities.

You Sit On a Throne of Lies

You Sit On a Throne of Lies

To lie about it would also be strange. Even though history is frequently distorted and certain details are left out, what would be the point of lying about the year this church was constructed?

That is not what “quarantine” means, sorry lady. You are not entitled to put others in danger because staying at home is more convenient for you. Stay at home and place an online grocery order. The very least you can do is that. That and donning a mask, even though it was probably her lack of wearing one that caused her to become ill in the first place. However, who really cares? She can’t really get sick twice, you know.

That's Not How This Works

That’s Not How This Works

These people simply don’t appear to view those who work in the service sector as real, breathing persons. They merely function as a means of delivery, like robots or anything. Being ill in their presence does not count.

Tell us you’re a lousy human being without actually saying it. Do these folks really only care about themselves? This individual must have a miserable life if they feel threatened by everything that doesn’t exactly match the way they appear, sound, or think. We bet you believe mayonnaise is spicy, good guy. He hasn’t even given the music a chance before saying, “I bet they suck.”

But You Haven't Even Seen It

But You Haven’t Even Seen It

Another illustration of frail masculinity may be found here. How insecure do you have to be to criticize something you haven’t even seen, even if a male didn’t post it?

We want to leave the world, so stop it. What kind of culture do we live in that donating goods to the homeless should ever be viewed as a crime? Capitalism has gone too far. Is this genuinely a criminal offense? Why should something like this be prohibited? Being kind should not be expensive, and that is what this person seems to be attempting to accomplish.

What Has the World Come to?

What Has the World Come to?

Nobody ought to be penalized for merely trying to assist. A problem won’t go away if you ignore it. By punishing those who take the effort to address homelessness, you cannot end homelessness.

What have you said? I’m sorry, but we women in this room were too busy cooking toast to hear you. What kind of reasoning, on earth, is this? Breaking news, dude: women are real people with actual brains who are capable of much more than simply bearing children. Women are not toasters designed to shoot forth Pop-Tarts; not wanting to have children does not indicate that you are mentally or psychologically damaged.

On Today's Episode of "Women Are Incubators"On Today's Episode of "Women Are Incubators"

On Today’s Episode of “Women Are Incubators”

Ladies, heed this caution even if you DO want children; do not have children with this moron. It’s obvious that intellect isn’t a familial trait.

Another illustration of a person who simply isn’t fit to be a parent. Whatever Oliver’s grades were, whether he received all A’s or failed every class, it is definitely none of the internet’s business. Oliver should only be aware of his grades for himself, his teacher, and his parents. There is no circumstance under which it ought to end up online. We anticipate the poor child will require extensive rehabilitation as a result of this.

Family Vlogging Gone Too Far

Family Vlogging Gone Too Far

The mental and emotional well-being of your children shouldn’t be valued higher than any number of likes. She is gaining views by exploiting his private life. We received a lot of clicks despite your failure, so it’s cool.

This is incorrect on so many levels as a whole. Another extreme case of capitalism: even if there is a need for it, if we can’t sell it, it’s garbage. Additionally, while we’re doing it, let’s insult them by calling them names and terminate anyone who tries to step in and offer assistance. We are aware of the animal in this instance, and it was obviously not the homeless man.

Who's the Real Animal Here?

Who’s the Real Animal Here?

There is no justification for ever throwing away perfectly fine food when food waste is such a major issue in the globe. There are many individuals who would gladly consume it.

Oh, Florida, where do I even begin? 1. Isn’t the fact that Jesus was meant to die for your sins the major reason you love him so much? Your bumper sticker defies common sense. 2. Don’t you think that after his resurrection, he wasn’t really dead again; wasn’t he taken up to heaven by his Father? How could a rifle have even been useful in this situation? 3. His motto, “Love thy neighbor,” wasn’t it?

That's NOT What Jesus Would Do

That’s NOT What Jesus Would Do

Not exactly in keeping with Jesus’ purported message is shooting people. We seriously doubt that this person has ever read any of the Bible; if they have, at the very least, the point has passed them by.

There’s no mystery. Their residents pay taxes, and those monies aren’t simply used to fund an ever-expanding and exorbitantly priced military-industrial complex; they are also used to fund things that really improve their citizens’ quality of life. I’m done now. This is how they operate. It doesn’t have to be that difficult. How did the Nordic nations come to have such a high level of common sense? It appears that they obtained everything, leaving nothing for the US.

This Is Norway. Be Like Norway.

This Is Norway. Be Like Norway.

And certainly, we are aware of their hefty taxes. But how pleasant must it be to pay those taxes and have so many things guaranteed to you?

Surely anything for Instagram? This seems like a terrible risk to take in exchange for a few likes. Even if they had to take a picture for insurance purposes, it seems like the insurance provider would accept it if they stood on the ground instead of the automobile to take the picture. Additionally, this is a superb illustration of why you should under never circumstances drive on a frozen lake.

But First, Let Me Take a Selfie

But First, Let Me Take a Selfie

How did they even end up in that situation, too? They may have been standing on top of the car outside when it broke through the ice, or they may have been inside when it happened.

Look at the scholar with a Google education in their natural environment. This person’s fourth-grade schooling obviously didn’t stick, as their post is jam-packed with grammatical mistakes. Who do they believe is the author of the data that their beloved Google so easily provides? Learning to distinguish reliable sources from the complete garbage that the internet is full of is one of the most crucial aspects of education, but don’t worry! This person, we can be certain, has “done their research.”

Dunning–Kruger in Action

Dunning–Kruger in Action

You can’t learn critical thinking skills from Google, sadly. Instead of telling kids they’re done learning at age 10, society has to focus more on increasing the quality of education.

We find it difficult to think that the poster of this was not intentionally satirical, but we’ll try nevertheless. 1. The Windows XP operating system’s default PC background was the image on the left. It’s not the same hill as in the right-hand picture. 2. Humans don’t consume grass, as far as we know. Cows do. Who would be more inclined to settle this hill?

Sir, This Is A Windows

Sir, This Is A Windows

These individuals believe that when the Burger Fairy waves her magic wand, meat appears at the supermarket. Don’t blame vegans for this; eat anything you want.

What governmental body do they believe has the authority to simply create a brand-new continent when we can’t even agree on how to deal with climate change, to whom is this person referring when they use the pronoun “they”? Even if it were feasible, the work would be enormous. Who would be in charge and who would get to live there? It doesn’t seem like the ideal option to choose Mr. Genius right here.

They Totally Should!

They Totally Should!

At the pace we’re coming together as a planet, we’d be amazed if there wasn’t a continent composed of rubbish there within the next several years.

How did this woman get all the way to the veterinarian before realizing she had left her dog at home? We’ve all heard of leaving kids in the backseat, which is something you should never do, but leaving your house and driving all the way to the veterinarian without realizing the purpose of your trip wasn’t in the car with you the entire time?

Don't Forget Your Pets, Kids.

Don’t Forget Your Pets, Kids.

We’d like to assume the best about her; perhaps she had a hectic and stressful morning. However, this is a really inconvenient error. She couldn’t possibly live so far away.

This guy had the gall to disrespect the coffee shop while asking a fairly careless inquiry after failing to leave a tip. Nearly every city has good coffee to be had. There is no possibility that the coffee where they were is superior to *all of the espresso in Italy. All he wanted was a pretext to mention having been there.

No, Sir, I Haven't.

No, Sir, I Haven’t.

Some individuals simply lack empathy. Take this as a lesson: perhaps avoid discussing your incredibly privileged lifestyle in conversation with low wage workers?

Amarion is the ideal illustration of why a higher education is absolutely essential. Even though the arithmetic is so simple, it appears to be so tough to comprehend. Do you recall being taught that the smaller number “eats” the larger number? Or did they only teach us that in school? What other costs have Americans incurred for themselves if not learning math cost us the opportunity to eat a burger?

They Call It a Royale With Cheese

They Call It a Royale With Cheese

However, McDonald’s could have simply given the larger burger a different name if they had intended to market it that way. The phrase “one-third pounder” isn’t particularly memorable.